Indexes of A-C316A high density oxidized polyethylene wax

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Place of origin: USA
Brand: Honeywell
Type: High density oxidized polyethylene wax
Model: A-C316A
Appearance: Powder
Melting point ℃: 140
Hardness dmm: 0.5
Density g/cc: 0.98
Viscosity 140℃cps: 8500
Acid value mg: 16













Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co., Ltd. pattern (floating flower) agent BBM and BBW K technology discount
Yellow to white powder, yellow to white transparent powder to 98.5
Softening point/℃ amount in formula
114–122 1%-2% of bottom box
10-0113 plus 1%~

When producing and using patterned powder coatings, the following items should be noted:
(1) Pay attention to prevent mixing into non-textured flat powder coatings during production, so as not to affect the pattern effect of the coating film.
(2) The mixing method, mixing speed and time of the base powder, pattern (floating flower) agent and pigment have a significant effect on the pattern (including color) of the coating film. Only when the same T-art conditions of each batch of materials are controlled can they be relatively similar. The appearance of the coating film.

(3) The thickness of the coating film has an effect on the size of the pattern. polytetrafluoroethylene wax application The thickness of the coating film for small patterns can be sprayed thinly, and the thickness of the large patterns should be sprayed as thick as possible, otherwise it will easily expose the bottom of the coating film and affect the effect of the pattern.

(4) Because of the difference in charging performance between pattern (floating) agents, pigments and primers, the composition of the original powder coating and the recycled powder coating is different; when the recycled powder coating is mixed with the new powder coating, the coating film The pattern has changed significantly, the amount of recycled powder coating added should be appropriate and not too much.

(5) Coating process conditions have a certain influence on the pattern of the coating film. For example, the rapid or slow temperature increase of the powder spraying work, and the strict control of conditions such as the thickness of the coating film are an important part of ensuring product quality.

Although the amount of pattern (floating flower) agent is small, it can get a clear texture effect of the coating film. Pattern (floating flower) agent.


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