OE-6301 VS Joncryl 35

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Joncryl 35 is an additive offered by BASF. Joncryl 35 is a fine particle size polyethylene wax emulsions for use in water-based industrial and decorative coatings.

OE-6301 is offered by tianshiwax, which is  Oxidized polyethylene wax ( a kind of synthetic wax) emulsions. It has different melting point, hardness, and density, polyethylene wax is a very good choice under the high temperature condition. Wax emulsion refers to the water-based system with the particle size distribution below 1 μ m, distinguished by the emulsion iconicity, it can be non-ionic, anionic, and cationic. Wax emulsion is different from wax dispersion, it has no matting effect, and be used for coating and inks which has high requirement on gloss.

Technical Parameters

Joncryl 35 OE-6301
Ingredients polyethylene wax emulsion Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion
Appearance semi-translucent emulsion Light yellow emulsion
pH 9.8 7-9
Ionic nature Non
Solid content 34.5% 35%
Melting Point ℃ 127
specific mass 990 kg/m3
freeze no


Application Joncryl 35 OE-6301
fabric finish, coating, ink, paper, leather abrasion&scratch resistance, high gloss and soft hand-feeling.
water-based coatings high gloss and high transparency
leather finishing agents leather feeling and abrasion resistance
aqueous industrial coatings mar and scuff resistance
aqueous decorative coatings mar and scuff resistance

Tianshiwax is the Asia largest and most professional waxes producer , we supply a broad line of specialty micronized waxes powders , including pe wax, pp wax, amide wax, ptfe wax etc. We are very familiar with most wax products. For printing inks application, OE-6301  is a good alternative of BASF Joncryl 35. Feel free to contact our wax expert for TDS and MSDS.

High Gloss and Transparency Wax Emulsion OE-6301 Name: Wax Emulsion Model Number: OE-6301

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