Sasolwax C80 vs TP-80B

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SASOLWAX C80 is an additive offered by Sasol. Sasolwax C80 is supplied in the form of white pastilles packed in 20kg paper bags or 600kg Jumbo bags. In the form of coarse powder packed in 20kg paper bags

TP-80B is offered by tianshiwax, TP-80B is a synthetic wax used for rubber plastics, MDF and chipboards, hot melt adhesives, wax emulsions, etc.

Technical Parameters

Ingredients Hard Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Paraffin Wax
Appearance Pastille White Granule
Melting Point ℃ 88 82-85
Oil content, % <0.5% <1.5%
Penetration at 25℃ dmm 4-9 8-11
Application Hot melt adhesives rubber plastics
Adhesives MDF and chipboards
Cosmetics hot melt adhesives
Personal care wax emulsions

Tianshiwax is the Asia largest and most professional waxes producer , we supply a broad line of specialty micronized waxes powders , including pe wax, pp wax, amide wax, ptfe wax etc. We are very familiar with most wax products. For printing inks application, TP-80B  is a good alternative of SASOLWAX C80. Feel free to contact our wax expert for TDS and MSDS.

80# Synthetic Paraffin Wax TP-80B Model: TP-80B Chemical Composition: Synthetic Paraffin Wax

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