PTFE powder for high frequency PCB sheet

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PTFE micropowder, lower circuit loss, higher operating temperature…
The PCB is the electrical signal, and the circuit loss is also called the insertion loss. There are so many loss channels.

One of the losses is “dielectric loss”, or dielectric loss. The lower this loss, the better the board and more suitable for high frequency signals.

In addition, their PCB industry also said that the lower the dielectric constant, the more suitable for high frequencies.

The difference between dielectric constant and dielectric loss, the signal goes through the copper foil, and the medium between the copper foils

The medium is also composed of atoms and molecules. Usually the electrons outside the atom take on a negative charge, and the protons inside the nucleus take on a positive charge, giving us the appearance of electrical neutrality on the outside

However, atoms and molecules are attracted by external charges, and opposites attract each other. There is a positive charge on the outside, and the negatively charged electrons will deviate from the positive charge in the nucleus.

In other words, we see electrical polarity
The signal transmission of the copper foil of the PCB relies on the charge, and there is a distribution of the charge in the medium

Dk is the dielectric constant, which is the ability of the medium to store charges. We hope that all the charges will go to the metal layer and not at all in the medium, so the lower the dielectric constant, the better.

Df is the dielectric loss. High frequency means that the positive and negative charges of the metal current change frequently. When the charge in the metal changes, the polarity distribution of the charge in our medium must also change. The molecules are like vibrations, which consumes heat energy. It absorbs the energy of the electrical signal and converts it into heat energy in the medium.

Small conclusion: The dielectric of high frequency PCB materials requires lower dielectric constant and lower dielectric loss.

The dielectric constant of PTFE powder is very low

Also PTFE powder, low dielectric loss

Generally, if you are a PCB board, you know the characteristics of dielectric loss and layering. The higher you go, the more suitable for high frequency.

PTFE, called polytetrafluoroethylene, also has a common name, called “Teflon”, which is the coating material of our non-stick pan, ptfe powder supplier india.

Polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene, is one of the plastic materials. This plastic is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and has a very low coefficient of friction. The corrosion of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar is not a problem in front of it.

Slip Agent Micronized PTFE Wax PTFE-0103 Name: Micronized PTFE Wax Model Number: PTFE-0103 Chemical Composition: PTFE

In the application of PCB board, the high temperature resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance of PTFE are all required, and another characteristic is low water absorption.

The resin material absorbs water molecules, and the conductivity of water will greatly deteriorate the performance of the board.

The molecular chain structure of PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene, the fluorine atoms are helically distributed on the outside of the molecular chain.

The fluorine atom has a characteristic that the nucleus has a very strong binding force to the outer electrons, that is, when the charge in the copper foil signal changes at a high frequency, the fluorine atom in the outer layer of PTFE is not like other materials, the positive charge of the nucleus and the electron cloud. Negative charges produce such a large center of gravity shift (aka electrical polarity)


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