Role of paraffin emulsion for trees

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(1) Planting of seedlings. Before planting pine and eucalyptus seedlings in the field, they were impregnated with paraffin emulsion, which significantly improved their tolerance to the effects of transplanting or to climatic conditions of adversity. Their survival rate was significantly improved due to reduced evaporation of water from their leaf surfaces.

(2) Garden nursery planting. In the process of pruning or transplanting, the survival rate can be significantly improved by the treatment of paraffin emulsion. If a large number of shrubs need to be transplanted during the dry season, pre-spraying with paraffin emulsion can ensure safe transplanting.

(3) Drought resistance and freshness preservation. After spraying with paraffin emulsion, saplings and shrubs can withstand severe drought conditions well. After flowers are picked, they can be pre-soaked in water and then treated with paraffin emulsion, which can significantly extend the life of flowers.












The second stage was supplemented with 1,10-decanediol and 226.1g (1.9moD) of succinic acid, and the specific synthesis process was referred to the synthesis method of semi-crystalline polyester resin in section IV of this chapter. The technical specifications of the finished semi-crystalline polyester resin are as follows: 1Cl cone plate melt viscosity (200 ℃) for 1.1Pa-s; acid value of 69mgKOH/g; hydroxyl value of 4mgKOH/g; glass transition temperature of 29.8 ℃: the number of average molecular weight of M = 1628.

Many foreign and domestic companies produce many varieties of polyester resins for epoxy-polyester powder coatings, including the Netherlands DSM coating resin company’s product models and specifications are shown in Table 4-89; the United States CYTEC (cyanide) special surface technology company (former Billy)

In the epoxy – polyester powder coatings, for different manufacturers of polyester resin, synthetic polymer car wax according to the polyester resin technical indicators and recommended polyester resin / epoxy resin (mass ratio) ratio, can refer to the above formula to formulate the corresponding powder coatings, and curing according to the recommended curing conditions for a wide range of applications, refrigerators, railroad passenger car parts and other products have also been developed in order to get the desired coating film performance.

In our country epoxy – polyester powder coating get coating powder coating products industry standard, which in the Ministry of Railways developed TB/T2757-1996 technical conditions of epoxy – polyester powder coating for railroad passenger car parts in the powder Coating and coating film technical indicators are shown in Table 4-103


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