Fluorine electret powder for meltblown cloth

2021-07-29   Pageview:364

Our TF11 is a fluorine electret powder, which is mainly used for the production of meltblown fabrics with filtration efficiency of 95 or 99.

The meltblown cloth produced with high-fusing ester polypropylene resin masterbatch with TF11 fluorine electret powder has good electrostatic retention ability, low moisture absorption and air permeability. In the case of unstable temperature, humidity and storage time, the filtering efficiency of meltblown cloth is improved, and droplets, dust and viruses below micron are effectively blocked.

It can be used to make the middle layer of N95 masks. We offer electret powder test result or samples.

Organic-fluorine Electret Powder TF11 Appearance: White Powder Type: Organic-fluorine electret powder Model: TF11

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