Micronized waxes for paints and coatings

2022-01-26   Pageview:533

Paints and coating is a wide spread industry covering umpteen verticals and at the same time a highly regulated one not only for paints and coatings manufacturer in India but world over. Pon Pure Chemicals, as paints and coatings manufacturer offers customized solutions that ease out challenging situations and speed up the process to perfection. We have the industry experience, product range and technical expertise that help expand the experience and quality. Wetting & dispersing agents, defoamers, slip & levelling agent, resins, micronized waxes, catalysts, UV absorbers, matting agents, organic and effect pigments, colourants etc. are few of the products we handle as seasoned manufacturers in India. Catering to a multitude of industries, we hold good stock of all our products which makes us a strong paints and coating distributor.

We are also leading paint and coatings supplier in India adhering to products like matting agent,moisture scavengers,acid catalyst and more. Owing to our strategic location , our delivery system is very strong, and we make sure of uninterrupted, prompt supply of quality material and all that’s expected of a paint and coatings supplier. As paint and coatings distributor we hold the responsibility of taking innovation to customers and making them aware of the options available.It is usual that paint and coatings distributor stand as a bridge on technical support and compliance assistance ,and you get the best. Take advantage of paints and coatings manufacturer in India who also doubles up as a distributor. Pon Pure chemicals is also paints and coatings exporter to Dubai, Singapore & Bangladesh.

Challenges are a part of the industry’s growth and as a paints and coating manufacturer in India we have a R & D team who work towards improving the products. Having focused on sustainability in manufacturing right from the beginning we are able to move forward and penetrate the market as a trusted paints and coating supplier in India.


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