Powder anti-mildew agent BJ-75

2021-10-19   Pageview:341

Powder mold inhibitor BJ-75 is configured by our proprietary technology, it is a new generation of dry film mold inhibitor for paints, coatings, glues, putties and other powder products, its performance is better than other dry film mold inhibitors currently in use.

The synergistic effect of its multiple active ingredients makes it the world’s anti-mold agent.














In these systems, the polyacrylate leveling agent cannot reduce the surface tension to a very low level, but helps the coating film to form a fairly constant uniform surface by promoting the homogenization of the surface tension. With the increase in the amount of leveling agent The crater tendency is gradually reduced until the crater is eliminated, and the orange peel phenomenon is also reduced or eliminated, so that the vividness of the coating film is improved, and a smooth surface is obtained. For different powder coating systems, the amount of leveling agent has different suitable ranges, and the optimal amount should be selected according to different types of resins. Table 8-8 lists the leveling agent dosage ranges for several powder coating systems. Figure 8-12 shows the relationship between the amount of polyacrylate leveling agent and the surface tension in the epoxy powder coating in the molten state at 180°C.

Under a certain dosage, the surface tension has a minimum value, micronized polypropylene wax at this time the coating has the best wetting effect on the substrate; if the dosage is increased again, the surface tension will no longer be affected, and if the dosage is increased too much, 21 will be produced. Haze, loss of gloss, sagging, and decreased adhesion during recoating; if the amount is too small, 20 will not eliminate shrinkage, orange peel, shrinkage, etc. 19

Surface defects. Therefore, for any powder coating 00.250.500.751.00125150~ material system, choose the most effective leveling agent with the matching amount of leveling agent to account for 1% of the total resin and determine its in the body. Figure 8- 12Dosage of leveling agent. The optimal dosage of the system is very important. Relationship with surface tension.


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