Application Of Fischer-Tropsch Wax(FT Wax) In Plastic Industry

2023-03-09   Pageview:312

The application of Fischer-Tropsch wax in the plastic industry. The application of Fischer-Tropsch wax is very extensive. It is a relatively common application in the plastic industry. Fischer-Tropsch wax can be applied to In plastic processing, such as injection molding, extrusion and pelletizing industry

Effects on the product during the process of adding Fischer-Tropsch wax:
a. Fischer-Tropsch wax contributes to the dispersion of fillers and excellent slipperiness during the mixing of pigment particles and modified plastics.
b. Fischer-Tropsch wax can be used as an external lubricant for PVC. Low viscosity can increase the production speed of the product, and it is helpful for the dispersion of fillers during mixing, especially in the extrusion of high-viscosity systems. , 40-50% less than ordinary PE wax, and can significantly improve the surface gloss of products. Melted also effectively wets the dye and reduces extrusion viscosity when using intense colours.
c. Fischer-Tropsch wax is an ideal synthetic wax for EVA-based hot melt adhesives. Waxes with a high melting point can improve the heat resistance and quick drying of the adhesive.
d. When the Fischer-Tropsch wax is used in the ink as a particulate powder, it can improve the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of the applied material. When it is applied to the coating, it can have a wrinkle effect. Streaks and water wrinkles are formed, and the powder coating resin is added to lubricate during the extrusion process, which can reduce screw torque, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.
e. The Fischer-Tropsch wax and the stabilizer used in PVC processing have obvious synergies, which can effectively prolong the thermal stability time and increase the adjustment range of the process temperature, especially when CPVC resin is processed.

Due to the adjustment range of CPVC resin processing process parameters Narrowness increases the processing difficulty of the product, which can effectively improve the post-processing lubrication of CPVC products, and improve the appearance and mechanical properties of the product.

Fischer-Tropsch wax(FT Wax) is a wax produced from coal-to-gas through Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Its main components are C12-C90 alkanes, with a normal paraffin content of over 80% and a melting point of over 90°C. Composed of straight-chain, saturated high-carbon alkanes with a relative molecular mass of 200-1200, it has a fine crystal structure, high melting point, low oil content, low penetration, low mobility, low melt viscosity, hardness, and wear resistance and high stability. Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly used in hot melt adhesives, inks and coatings, plastic processing (PVC lubricants, polyolefin lubricants and pigment dispersants) and other fields.


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