How to choose the right grease?

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There are various kinds of grease, how to choose the suitable one is especially important, we should pay attention to the following matters.

1, The rubber compatibility of grease

Seals are generally made of n-cylindrical rubber, silicone rubber and fluorine rubber. If the grease is not suitable, some chemical components in the grease will react to the rubber and make the seal aging, deformation, hardening and cracking, and make the wear of the seal increase.

For example, butyl cyanide rubber seals should not use sulfur-containing grease. Silicone rubber seals should not use grease containing silicon. Fluorine rubber chemical inertia is good, not easy to chemical reaction, but expensive, if you can use fluorine grease lubrication, can maximize the life and lubrication effect.

2, Low temperature performance of grease

Because many products need to work in low temperature environment, so the grease needs to have good low temperature performance. In low temperature environment, the viscosity of the fat will not change greatly, so the starting torque of the product cannot increase too much. Generally speaking, it should work under -40C without affecting the normal work of the products.

3, High temperature performance of grease

The product generates high temperature in the working process, if the high temperature performance is not good, the grease will turn white and flow out from the seal or dry directly, it will lose the lubricating effect and easily aggravate the wear of the seal. Therefore, a good grease at high temperature of 200 is not easy to dry, easy to lose, and can play a normal role in lubrication.

4, Choose the Greece with long life

The product is not easy to replace the oil in the process of use. Especially some small cylinders have to be lubricated for life. Cylinders work with great temperature changes, often low temperature operation, high temperature operation. For this reason, even if the above-mentioned other conditions are met, the life expectancy needs to be long, easy to deteriorate, need a long time lubrication to ensure that the product works properly for a long time.

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