3 common problems of thickener in coating

2021-08-23   Pageview:823

The coatings industry is one of the top areas of application for thickeners. Because coatings need to improve the consistency, manufacturers need to reduce costs, engineering needs to improve efficiency, these problems let thickeners to help you solve.

1. Why should thickeners be added to paints?

The consistency of the paint itself is poor, and it is easy to splash and drip everywhere in the production process and roll coating project, which is difficult to operate. Even if it is applied on, the problem of upside down and flowing hanging will be serious, which will affect the effect of coating film and efficiency. This is almost every manufacturer has encountered the problem, so the need to use thickeners such additives to solve.











2, what is the role of the coating thickener?

This question is very simple, its role is to address the phenomenon described in the first question. Since the liquid is too thin to cause the phenomenon, its thickening performance is stable, after thickening to reduce the flow of raw materials, improve leveling and prevent arbitrary splash this phenomenon. It enhances the operating feel, makes the application easier and more convenient, makes the coating film more even and the paint surface more full.

3, can all paints use one kind of thickening agent?

Of course not. Each paint manufacturer generally has its own formula and ratio, and it is difficult for a single thickener to meet all paint products, such as: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, etc. When the nature of raw materials has special characteristics, the thickener has to make changes according to itself. What should be done at this time?

Chemical coating thickeners, PE wax emulsion‘s effect is very good, can quickly adapt to their process system, and then the consistency and stability have reached the specified requirements.


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