Applications of EAA Emulsion

2022-01-27   Pageview:929

Many plastic products are gradually being replaced by “green” paper products. Especially in the field of food packaging such as take-out fast food, the demand for paper-based food packaging materials is growing.

The new environmentally friendly paper can be produced by simply coating EAA (ethylene acrylic acid copolymer) emulsion on paper or aluminum foil substrates. The product can replace PE lamination and other treatment products as the waterproof and impermeable paper, with fast drying, good impermeability, high brightness, harmless and non-toxic to humans and not pollute the environment, and has good mechanical stability and aging resistance.

The low temperature heat seal EAA emulsion developed by Tianshi New Materials has good adhesion after coating on PET or BOPP film, and the viscosity and thermal stability of the emulsion remain good under long time high temperature condition. It can replace the current fluorine grease inhibitor, PE coating and wax grease inhibitor.

Applications of EAA dispersion

1, Heat seal coating for BOPP film: In addition to heat sealability, the coating has good adhesion and printability to solvent-based ink or water-based ink. The packaging structure is reduced from two-layer film to single-layer film, which reduces the compounding and melting process and saves the cost of compounding glue.

2, Heat seal coating for PET film; water-based heat seal coating can be used for face-to-face heat sealing after coating on the non-aluminized side of PET film, replacing the LDPE heat seal layer of CPP heat seal layer in flexible packaging.

The heat seal coating can replace LDPE and reduce the laminating and maturing process, thus significantly improving the production efficiency and shortening the delivery cycle. Lightweighting the packaging brings additional value to the customer.

If the heat seal coating is pre-applied at the film plant, it can be used directly by the printing and packaging plant, simplifying the production process for the printing and packaging plant.

Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer Dispersions OE-7013 Name: EAA Dispersions Model: OE-7013 Chemical Composition: Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymer


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