Coating thickener definition

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Generally speaking, coating thickener is a rheological chemical additive that thickens the coating, makes it rheological and controls the precise characteristics and features of the fluid product. Paint without a coating thickener will flow around like water.













Advantages of adding thickening agent to paint.

1, Prevent paint from sagging when painting vertical object surfaces.

2, Stable storage of paint. After adding paint thickener, the viscosity increases, which can prevent the aggregation and precipitation of already dispersed particles during the storage of paint, thus achieving more stable storage.

3, Control the fluidity of the paint. The addition of coating thickener can extend the coating film-forming time and reduce the dripping and splashing that occurs in the process of roller coating or brush coating, so as to achieve the function of coating film leveling.

4, Save a little cost.

The advantages of our waterbased coating additives

1, Thickeners have low thickening efficiency.

2, The compatibility with the coating is not good, there is delamination.

3, The viscosity is unstable, worried about the instability of storage and affected by PH value.

4, The amount of thickener added is large, thixotropy is not good, worrying about affecting the leveling performance of the paint, causing brush marks or roll marks residue.


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