BYK-053 silicone coating defoamer

2021-09-03   Pageview:747

BYK-053 solvent-borne system on the basis of a polymer without silicone defoamer.

Typical properties:
The values shown in this data sheet describe typical properties and do not constitute technical specifications of the product.
Density (20°C): 0.82 g/ml
Non-volatile matter (10 min, 150°C): 20%
Flash point: 34°C

In BYK-051/BYK-052/BYK-053 series, BYK-053 is the product with the lowest degree of compatibility. The effect of upper varnish transparency must be expected and the tendency of crater formation must be checked as well. To achieve the best defoaming, defoamer, should be added to the abrasive. If it is combined at a later time, sufficient shear force must be ensured to achieve good defoamer distribution and prevent crater formation.












Water-based paint defoamer is for primer defoamer, top coat defoamer water-based wood paint, industrial paint, water-based paint blending, water-based paint, engineering paint, water-based industrial paint with defoamer, paint industry, water-based all kinds of baking paint and other systems produced by the foam has a special effect

DF-8868 series is a high-performance non-ionic water-based defoamer. It is mainly used in the food processing process to reduce surface tension and eliminate foam.

Acrylic defoamer is developed according to the production process of textile paste, printing and dyeing pigments, printing and coating pastes, and has polymeric characteristics of silicone foam inhibitor and defoamer.

PEW-2011 is water-based wax dispersion with high solid content, especially suitable for high solid content formula, easy to use and stable for storage.


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