BYK-051 Silicone-free defoamer for coatings

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Silicone-free defoamer that prevents foam formation in solvent-borne coatings during production, filling, and use. Has spontaneous defoaming properties and has no negative impact on intercoat adhesion when covered coatings are present. It is the most compatible of BYK®-051, 052 and 053.










Typical properties

The values shown in this data sheet describe typical properties and do not constitute technical specifications of the product.

Density (20°C): 0.82 g/ml
Non-volatile matter (10 min, 150°C): 20%
Flash point: 34°C
Applications: Coating industry

  Properties and advantages.

BYK-051 is the most compatible defoamer in the BYK-051/BYK-052 series. It is particularly effective in polar solvent-based systems. In non-polar systems, it is less effective. Due to its excellent compatibility, transparent varnishes are rarely affected even at higher dose levels, while craters do not constitute in sensitive systems.

 Recommended use

Defoamer is recommended for solvent based automotive coatings.

Recommended dosage

0.05-0.5% of additive (if supplied) based on total formulation.

Addition Method and Processing Guidance

For optimum defoaming, the defoamer, should be added to the abrasive. If it is combined at a later time, sufficient shear force must be ensured to achieve good defoamer distribution and prevent fire mouth formation.

When added into powder coatings, PPW-0936 helps to improve the hardness, and scratch resistance, can assist on matting, will not smoke under 180°C baking.


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