What is leveling agent coating?

2021-09-08   Pageview:756

Leveling agent is one of the important additives in powder coatings. In powder coating formulations, it is necessary to add leveling agent to get a smooth coating film, whether it is high gloss, glossy, matte or non-glossy powder coating.

The role of leveling agent is the powder coating melt flow level, in the melt coating surface to form a very thin monomolecular layer to provide uniform surface tension, but also to make the coating and the coated object (workpiece) with good wettability, so as to overcome the surface due to local surface tension is not uniform and the formation of fish eyes, shrinkage and other coating film defects. In addition, the leveling agent is conducive to improving the leveling of the coating film, reducing the orange pattern of the coating film, conducive to the dispersion of pigments and fillers, and conducive to the degassing of the film-forming process.











Provides substrate wetting, increases surface slip and improves scratch resistance and anti-adhesion; especially suitable for radiation curing systems and good recoating.

Provides substrate wetting, increases surface slip, and improves scratch resistance and anti-adhesion; especially suitable for radiation curing systems.

Suitable for radiation curing systems, crosslinkable, high compatibility, good recoatability and overprintability, slight increase in slip. And, ptfe micro powder additive can improve the paint & coating surface performance.

It is suitable for coatings, inks, UV-curable systems, adhesives, and room-temperature curing plastic systems. The additive drastically reduces the surface tension of coatings and printing inks, thus improving substrate wetting and preventing shrinkage. It also improves surface slip and gloss. In aqueous systems it can improve anti-adhesion properties.


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