Silicone leveling agent application areas

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Used in the following industrial fields
Water-based letterpress ink, solvent-based letterpress ink, water-based gravure ink, water-based screen printing ink, water-based lithographic ink, water-based overprint varnish, water-based wood coatings, leather shoe inks and other water-based and oil-based inks and paints. It does not affect the gloss and transparency of the coating film, and can increase the gloss (glossing agent).

Use water or water-soluble alcohol ether solvent to open thin, disperse evenly, and then add to the system. The general addition amount is 0.1-0.5%.












The role of the drier is determined by the metal ion part, so the amount of paint drier is calculated based on the amount of metal contained in it, and various driers have their metal ion concentration. In practical applications, oil-based varnishes are expressed in terms of the metal content in vegetable oils, and various synthetic resin coatings are expressed in terms of the metal content in resin solids.

Cobalt drier is the oxidizing drier with the strongest drying activity. Because oxidation starts from the surface of the paint film, it accelerates the drying of the paint film surface and is often used as a surface drier.
Drill driers are generally used in conjunction with driers such as lead, manganese, calcium, etc. to balance the surface and the inside of the coating and dry it. If used alone or in excessive amounts, the surface of the coating film will quickly dry and shrink, resulting in various paint film defects such as wrinkles and softness due to the impermeability of the base. In particular, its strong catalytic oxidation properties promote premature aging and brittleness of the paint film. Therefore, when the dryness of the paint film meets the construction requirements, it is better to use less, and its suitable dosage is 0.02%~0.06%. The combination of calcium, zinc and other driers can effectively adjust the surface drying speed. Note that if the amount exceeds 0.08%, montan wax cas no the test and evaluation must be carried out carefully.

Cobalt drier can also be used in thermosetting coatings such as amino baking varnish to increase its hardness. The dosage is 0.005%~0.02%. Compared with iron and manganese driers, it is not easy to change color, but the hardness and toughness are not as good as the latter. . Because the coating film is extremely thin in the ink, cobalt drier can be used alone.


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