What is synthetic paraffin?

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What is synthetic paraffin? Synthetic Paraffin is a mixture of saturated straight chain paraffinic hydrocarbons, which is a white, hard, high melting point of about 100 C waxes consisting of polymerized hydrocarbons that have been refined to high purity levels.

Two grades are available :
low melting point: 77-83°C
high melt point: 96-100°C

Chemical Properties:

Color White
Penetration: @ 25°C
High Melt (HM)1 Max
Low Melt (LM) 7 Max


Synthetic paraffin wax has good water repellency and can be used in paper, food and pharmaceutical packaging processing, metal rust prevention and printing industry.
When added to cotton yarn, it can make the textile soft, smooth and elastic.
Paraffin wax emulsions can also be used as various wetting agents, dispersants, plasticizers and lubricants.

Tianshiwax Model Recommendation

Model Congealing point Penetration@ 25°C Oil Contain Appearance
TP-62 60-63 <=24 <=6 Flake
TP-70 70-73 16-20 <=3 Granule
TP-72A 72-75 <=10 <=1.5 Granule
TP-80B 82-85 8-11 <=1.5 Granule
TP-80A 82-85 6-8 <=1 Granule

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