Wax emulsion for water-based varnish (matte) oil

2022-02-05   Pageview:538

Varnish, also known as OPV (over print varnish), is a liquid that is coated on the surface of printed materials to increase gloss, abrasion resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. Varnish includes water-based varnish, oil-based varnish, UV varnish, alcohol-soluble varnish and other varieties. Now the most used in China is water-based varnish, because it has very good environmental performance.


1, According to the coating printing method can be divided into: offset printing line varnish, gravure printing line varnish, off-line varnish.

2, According to the performance requirements can be divided into: high-gloss wear-resistant, water-resistant, heat-resistant, grease-resistant.

3, According to the gloss can be divided into: high gloss varnish, matte varnish.

In the water-based matte varnish system, gloss is no longer the main functional characteristics, but in the wear resistance, scratch resistance, feel and other properties become the main performance characteristics, and wax emulsion added to the water-based matte varnish system, can effectively improve the wear resistance of light paint film, anti-caking and give a smooth, rich feel.

In the process of varnish printing, the varnish film formed by wax emulsion in the water-based matte varnish system has excellent temperature resistance (90-110 degrees) and anti-stick effect, which does not lose color, does not stick, affects the packaging of paper products after printing, and improves production efficiency. Tianshi wax emulsion reminds you that: smooth wear agent in the formulation with wax emulsion to provide wear resistance, and has a very smooth feel and improved anti-adhesive properties. However, it should be noted that adding too much may have adverse effects on post-printing processing, such as poor stamping.


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