Knowledge about paint pigments

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There are various kinds of colors in paints, and the colors in paints are derived from synthetic or refined pigments.

In paint, pigments are mainly used to color the coating film and increase the thickness of the coating film. We can classify them into color pigments, glossy new pigments and institutional pigments according to their functions.












Coloring pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments in terms of chemical institutions.

Organic pigments, which are polymer pigments synthesized by petroleum coal, have very bright colors such as yellow, red, purple, green and blue.

Inorganic pigments, refers to the pigments made of metal, their chemical structure is mainly carbon, such as white (titanium oxide powder), black (carbon black), in brown (yellow iron hydroxide), Indian red (composition: iron oxide), etc.

Glossy pigments are those that can give a metallic flap or pearl-like luster to the coating film.

For example, aluminum powder that can give a metallic shine to the coating film. The pearlescent powder and the micro-ionic titanium oxide powder can give the coating film a pearly appearance. The aluminum powder used is divided into coarse aluminum powder and fine aluminum powder in order to adjust the glossy appearance.

Bulk pigments are inorganic pigments obtained from nature, directly manufactured or obtained as by-products, or obtained through chemical synthesis. They are usually used to increase the thickness of the coating film and adjust the luster (remove the luster), and are mostly used in primers and medium coats, and part of them are also used in top coats. micronized ptfe grease can also be offers.

For example, gray calcium carbonate obtained from clay; mica obtained from rock; barium sulfate obtained both naturally and synthetically; synthetic silica obtained synthetically to remove gloss, etc.


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