How to use dry film anti-mildew agent 101

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Usage and dosage
It is recommended to add 5KG-10KG in exterior wall paint, and 1KG-4KG in interior wall, and the amount to be added is adjusted appropriately according to the performance of paint products, changes in temperature and humidity and the use environment.













Benzophenone derivatives
The photoinitiator based on benzophenone (BP) is one of the more important types of photoinitiators. WSP derived from BP also introduces ionic groups on the BP ring, such as quaternary ammonium salt groups. Group and sulfonate group L49]. The representative ones are as follows.
^–C>-RH grade/name R
WB-4784OCH z CH(OH) CHg N*(CH)) :CI-
WB-4792OCH, CH, CHN+(CH) ); SO, CHi(7-24)BP-OMe+OCH aN+(CHa), CI-
WB-4785CH: CH(OH)CH, SO, Na+
WB-4698CH, SON a+

This type of WSP is similar to its corresponding oil-soluble initiator, and is also a hydrogen abstraction type photoinitiator, which must be used in conjunction with a co-initiator. polypropylene wax density The photoinitiation activity of WB-4784, WB-4792, WB-4785 and WB-4789 is not much different [50]. The initiation activity of WB-4784 is lower, which seems to be related to the hydroxyl group on the side chain of its molecule (compared with WB-4792). When BP-O Met is combined with MDEA or TEA to initiate AM polymerization, it has proved to have particularly high initiation activity, and its R, value is almost three times that of other WSPs in the BP series, 5H. Although the BP series WSP are both substituted at the 4-position, the structure of the substituent has a significant effect on the initiation activity, but no more regular results can be found.
23 3. Hydroxyalkyl phenyl ketone derivatives
WSP derived from HM PP introduces a hydrophilic group in the para position of the benzene ring.


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