What Kind Of Polyethylene Wax(PE Wax) Is Needed For Hot Melt Adhesive?

2023-10-11   Pageview:156

What kind of polyethylene wax is needed for hot melt adhesive? Some hot melt adhesives require the use of waxes. The main functions of wax are to reduce the viscosity of the system, adjust the opening time and solidification time, adjust the heat resistance and anti-adhesion properties, and also help adjust the softness and ductility of the hot melt adhesive. Sex etc. In a few applications, wax micropowders, wax dispersions and wax emulsions can also be used to improve the anti-blocking properties of hot melt rubber particles.

The first step is to adjust the melt viscosity. Different sizing processes have different melt viscosity. By changing the amount of wax used, the melt viscosity of the hot melt adhesive can be adjusted to adapt to different ways of using it.

The second step is to adjust the curing time. The use of hot melt adhesive must be coordinated with the time of the process. Otherwise, no matter how strong the adhesive is, the performance will not be fully realized.

In addition, the use of wax can adjust the applicability of hot melt adhesive, such as stringing phenomenon, fluidity and wettability requirements, and prevent the hot melt adhesive from caking in storage and surface stickiness, etc.

Different types of wax have widely different indicators and can adapt to different formulation requirements. In particular, the emergence of narrow-distribution synthetic waxes provides greater room for formulation adjustments. Hot melt adhesives generally use waxes with viscosity less than 100mPa.s. These waxes are usually classified by melting point and crystallinity. Tianshi’s special wax for hot melt adhesives can effectively reduce the system viscosity of hot melt adhesive products, have a good anti-settling effect in the processing of hot melt products, and effectively improve the gloss and solid feel of hot melt products.


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