Why do yarns need to be waxed?

2022-01-20   Pageview:438

Waxing after sizing The dried sizing yarn is waxed immediately after leaving the drying room using the remaining heat to increase the smoothness and antistatic properties of the sizing yarn. The waxing rollers rotate slowly in the wax tank with a certain temperature and liquid level. The running sizing yarn is dipped in wax liquid when dragged through the waxing roller for surface waxing.

The waxing of the yarn is to make the hairy feathers fall on the yarn and to improve the production efficiency. It can also reduce the defects such as blockage of needle holes and barrels during the weaving process, which can cause rotten needles. The specific benefits are as follows.

1, after the waxing process is widely used for synthetic fiber filament sizing, can prevent weaving warp hair, unclear opening and falling sizing, can also reduce the wear and tear of healds, warp stoppers, etc.. Also suitable for polyester-cotton blended yarn sizing.

2, Improve economic efficiency: In the knitting process, wax is used as a yarn lubricant, thus reducing the friction of some parts and reducing mechanical wear.

3, Improve product quality: The friction coefficient is reduced, so that the yarn is under uniform tension, which reduces the yarn breakage rate and improves the weaving rate while improving product quality.

4, Promote environmental protection: With brand wax block, the production shop splash is reduced. The workers’ operating environment has been improved substantially.

5, On water-soluble wax block can improve the hydrophilic and anti-static ability of yarn, and the dyeing and finishing effect is good.

6, Some wax blocks with special functions can effectively prevent yellowing and mildew of waxed yarns.

Wax emulsions as sizing agent of yarn, due to the countless uniform and fine wax crystalline particles attached to the yarn, the softness and lubricity of the fabric are obviously improved, thus the fabric quality and loom efficiency are improved. In textile production, whether cotton or wool, especially in the production of color weaving, the reasonable use of wax agent in each process has a very good effect on reducing head breakage, reducing defects, improving the efficiency of the machine and the physical quality.


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