5 Rubber Additives That Can Save You Costs

2022-06-12   Pageview:526

The use of reclaimed rubber to produce rubber products requires the cooperation of a variety of rubber auxiliaries. Among them, processing modification additives can improve the processing performance of reclaimed rubber, ensure the smooth progress of the processing and molding process of reclaimed rubber products, reduce production energy consumption, shorten production time, and improve Productivity. Commonly used processing modification auxiliaries in the production of reclaimed rubber products include lubricants, release agents, dispersants, softeners, peptizers, etc. Different auxiliaries play different roles in the production of reclaimed rubber products.

1. Lubricant

In the production process of reclaimed rubber products, lubricants can reduce the friction between the processing equipment and the reclaimed rubber, improve the fluidity of the reclaimed rubber, and facilitate molding and demolding. Common lubricants include paraffin, polyethylene wax, oxidized polyethylene wax 2LLYY1118WFM and other hydrocarbon lubricants, as well as fatty acids, fatty alcohols, fatty amides, fatty acid esters, fatty acid soaps, etc.

2. Release agent

As the name implies, the role of the release agent in the production of reclaimed rubber products is to help the products to be demolded smoothly, and at the same time to improve the surface finish of the reclaimed rubber products. The mold release agent can be directly applied to the surface of the mold or molding machine (coating mold release agent), or it can be added to the polymer (internal mold release agent); silicone oils are commonly used mold release agents in the product industry.

3. Dispersant

In the production process of reclaimed rubber products, the degree of dispersion of vulcanizing agents, accelerators, fillers, colorants and other rubber compounding agents in the rubber compound directly affects the performance of the finished reclaimed rubber products. Adding an appropriate amount of dispersant can promote the uniform dispersion of compounding agents, especially in In reclaimed rubber products with a large amount of fillers, masterbatches and colorants. Common dispersants include hydrocarbon dispersants such as paraffin oil, polyethylene wax, oxidized polyethylene wax, and fatty acid soaps, fatty acid esters, and fatty amides.

4. Softener

The function of softeners in the production of reclaimed rubber products is to improve the processing performance of rubber materials. Common products include petroleum-based softeners such as naphthenic oil, aromatic oil, etc., coal tar-based softeners such as coumarone, coal tar, etc., corning rubber co inc wax manufacturer , and fatty oils. Softeners such as vegetable oils, fatty acids, etc.

5. Peptizer

Some reclaimed rubber products need to use peptizers in the production process. The amount of such processing modifiers is small, which can significantly improve the plasticity of the rubber and shorten the plasticizing time. In actual production, thiophenolic compounds, alkylphenol disulfides and aromatic disulfides are all common peptizers.

Processing modification auxiliaries can significantly improve the processing performance of reclaimed rubber, reduce energy consumption, and improve efficiency. Specific application skills of additives.


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