Why choose water-based adhesive thickener?

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Why choose water-based adhesive thickener?
1, Few PH restrictions, wide range of applications
2, Environmentally friendly, long-lasting and stable thickening performance
3, Improve fluidity, leveling and splash resistance.
4, Quick thickening effect, good dispersion performance, low addition amount, high cost performance.












How to better play the role of steric hindrance The polymer adsorption mentioned above is only the basic condition for the role of steric hindrance. Only when the polymer adsorbs on the surface of the pigment particles can the steric hindrance effect occur, but it is definitely not. The adsorption of high molecular polymers will achieve a stable effect. In order to better obtain the dispersion and stabilization effect of the high molecular polymer  marcus pr 700 pe wax on the pigment particles, the following requirements must be met.

The coverage of the pigment surface has less free chains or low coverage. When the adsorption layers of two particle belts overlap, the free energy of mixing is lower than that when the adsorption layer with higher coverage is overlapped, and the repulsive force is weaker than Van der Waals force will flocculate.

Low coverage is easy to cause lateral movement, forming “bare spots”, and this is where the particles agglomerate. When the particle surface is not completely covered by the wetting and dispersing agent, there are more free adsorption centers on the surface, which are adsorbed on one The high-molecular polymer on the surface of the particle will be adsorbed on the free surface of another particle with other chain links to form bridging flocculation.
The stability of complete coverage and low coverage dispersion systems is completely different. The polymer with less adsorption capacity and low coverage has stronger cohesion than when no surfactant is added and only the solvent is used.


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