The Role Of Synthetic Waxes In Cosmetics

2023-05-10   Pageview:174

The role of synthetic wax in cosmetics. Synthetic wax is not only widely used in food coating, fruit waxing, etc., but also widely used in cosmetics. In the cosmetic industry, the formula of synthetic wax is widely used in lipstick, makeup, perfume, dyed hair care, sunscreen products, as well as some nails, skin care products, personal cleaning products, etc.

Synthetic waxes are used in eye makeup products to enhance the appearance of the eyes and accentuate the beauty of the eye area. Adding carnauba wax in the production process of eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye shadow and other products can improve the elasticity and toughness of the product.

Lipstick, concealer, powder, blush and other facial makeup products use synthetic wax to prevent the separation of water and oil, improve the consistency of emulsion, and the concentration of solid and stick oil.

These advantages make the surface of cosmetics itself smooth and firm in structure, which is especially important in lipsticks.
In the cosmetics industry, synthetic wax is one of the hardest natural raw materials. It is hard, amorphous and shiny. Can be used in place of candelilla wax and beeswax in many occasions. Wax is used as emollient and adhesive. It is a white solid and belongs to hydrocarbons. It is a more economical substitute for beeswax. It is often found in cosmetics such as lipstick and mascara. Doubts about whether the wax can cause skin irritation and allergies, it all depends on the purity of the paraffin


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