Characteristics of ALCOSPERSE 747 coating dispersant

2021-09-24   Pageview:658

1, High dispersion efficiency and low cost.
2, Excellent water resistance, improving the wet rub resistance of coating film.
3, Unparalleled color spreading property of similar products in the market.
4, Good temperature stability, maintaining high dispersion efficiency in higher temperature climates.
5, Excellent pigment spreading, can paper cup high solid pigment paste.













The free-stretching chain constitutes a sterically stabilized chain segment and must be compatible with the resin solution. Polyester synthesized with hydroxyl and carboxylic acid is effective in a variety of solvents. Higher molecular weight polyesters provide the most effective steric stabilization in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. The low-molecular-weight condensate is effective in many solvents such as ketones, esters, and xylene/butanol mixtures.
The polycondensation reaction of dibasic acid and dihydric alcohol, and then end-capped clariant pp wax with monoacid or monoalcohol, is a flexible and cheap method to obtain polyester sterically stabilized chains. If ethylene oxide is introduced into the polyester system, the polarization of the polyester can be further enhanced and the compatibility with more polar solvents can be improved.

Making a polymer stabilized chain compatible with a certain solvent is not the end result of designing a polymer dispersant. The most important thing is to design a stable extended chain that can be compatible with the solvent and the resin after the solvent is volatilized without affecting the performance indicators of the coating. Therefore, when choosing to use a polymer wetting and dispersing agent, in addition to paying attention to its compatibility with the resin solution, but also testing the gloss of the coating film, adhesion to the substrate, durability and other indicators.


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