What are yarn softeners?

2021-07-28   Pageview:317

Softener is a class of chemical substances that can change the coefficient of static and dynamic friction of fibers. When changing the coefficient of static friction, the hand touch a smooth feeling, easy to move on the fiber or fabric; when changing the coefficient of dynamic friction, the microstructure between the fiber and fiber easy to move with each other, that is, the fiber or fabric easy to deformation. The combined feeling of the two is soft. Softener by ionic nature to cationic, non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric quaternary ammonium salt type four.

Softener as a conventional finishing auxiliaries for fabrics, the application has been more than half a century, the development is very rapid.

It developed from the earliest surfactant-based softener for polymer-based softener, and from polymer polyethylene wax for the development of silicone polymers, and from polydimethylsiloxane emulsion for the development of terminal hydroxyl polysiloxane emulsion, hydrophilic silicone softener, amino polysiloxane emulsion, amino polysiloxane microemulsion, low yellowing amino-modified silicone softener, hydrophilic amino silicone softener and ultra-smooth amino-modified polysiloxane, etc..

Wax emulsion is a kind of softener, and the paraffin wax emulsion formula produced by Tianshi is a better choice.


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