Powder coating matting agent RB68

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RB68 is a salt generated by polyacid and cyclic amidine, using two different reaction rate groups in the molecular structure to produce an uneven contraction in the powder curing and the formation of a light-free surface, to play a matting application range of the coating film, with matting and curing effect. Equivalent to B68 of HUELS AG, Germany.











Application and performance
1, Application in epoxy powder coating can produce strong matting effect and excellent leveling performance, and the overall performance is stable. It can be used as a curing agent for epoxy polyester powder or epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coating, so that the coating has a super non-glossy surface, excellent performance and good reproducibility.
2, Because RB68 has a high melting point, it and resin compatibility is not satisfactory, in order to eliminate this defect, RB68 in the composition of uniform dispersion is quite important, the user can properly improve the extrusion temperature.
3, Under normal baking temperature, using this product for matting has gloss and color stability.
4, In doing mixed matting powder, polyester resin with low acid value should be selected and determined by experiment to obtain the ideal gloss and best overall performance.

 Curing conditions

Pure shamrock ptfe wax for powder coating  is added by inner extrusion, with the additional amount at 0.1-0.2%, it can provide you significant texture effect.


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