What is a phosphate ester dispersant?

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A phosphate ester dispersant is a mixture of mono- and di-esters, residual alcohols and phosphoric acid.

Phosphate dispersants stabilize pigment dispersions, including reactive pigments such as zinc oxide. In glossy coating formulations, it improves gloss and wipe-off properties. Unlike other wetting and dispersing agents, the addition of phosphate dispersants does not affect the KU and ICI viscosity of the coating.
















The organic acid metal soap that can accelerate the oxidation, polymerization, and drying of the paint film is called a drier. It is mainly a product obtained by the reaction of some metals and other metals with variable valence functions with a monocarboxylic acid containing 7-22 carbons. According to the metal part of the drier, it can be roughly divided into active and auxiliary. The drier is different from the curing agent. The curing agent and the binder chemically change and become a component of the coating film. The drier generally does not participate in the composition of the coating film. In terms of dosage, the curing agent ptfe wax micronized is required to be used in a fixed proportion with the binder, while the drier only needs to be used in an appropriate amount.

The use of driers has a very long history. my country has used metal oxides such as Huang Dan (Meduo Monk) to improve the dryness of tung oil very early. In the late 19th century, lead, manganese oxide, rosin acid, oleic acid, etc. began to be melted into metal soap, which was used as a drier. It was only discovered in the early 20th century that cobalt soap has a high drying activity. In the 1920s, liquid metal naphthenic acid soaps began to be commercialized and succeeded, marking a new chapter in the use of driers; at the same time , And successively developed new organic acid metal soaps such as isooctanoic acid soap and neodecanoic acid soap, and more and more metals are used in driers, gradually developing into a more mature industry.

The drier can not only effectively accelerate the film formation speed of air-drying coatings, but also has a greater impact on the film properties such as hardness, adhesion, water resistance, and weather resistance. Improper use of its amount and proportion will cause the paint The performance of the film is impaired, and the storage properties of the coating such as skinning and jelly are affected.


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