Comparison of Lanco TF1780 and Lanco TF1780 EF

2021-12-20   Pageview:344

Physical Properties TF1780 TF1780 EF
TF1780 EF PTFE/Polyethylene wax PTFE/Polyethylene wax
Particle size (microns)Dv50 6 microns 5 microns
(Cilas laser diffraction)Dv90 14 microns 10 microns
Melting point PE(℃) 102 102
Density(g/cm3) 0.98 0.98
Acid value(mgKOH/g)  <1  <1
Hardness(ASTMD 1321) 2 2













Use fluidized bed dip coating method to paint the polyethylene powder coating for isolation barriers, according to GB/T18226-2000 “Highway Traffic Engineering Steel Components Anti-corrosion Technical Conditions” and GB/T16422-1999 “Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method” After testing, the performance meets the following requirements.
(1) The appearance is environmentally friendly green and white, the coating is uniform and smooth, and there are no gaps, cracks, peeling, missing coating, sagging and other defects visible with the naked eye.
(2) The thickness of the coating is within 0.4~0.8mm, and the thickness of the mesh coating is generally 0.5mm.
(3) The bond between the coating and the steel is good. Cut two parallel lines with a distance of 3mm and a length of 25mm on the coating. Peel off the coating from one end, and the coating will break without peeling.
(4) The coating has good bending resistance. After the bending test, the coating has no visible cracks or peeling off.
(5) The coating has good impact resistance. After 100kg·cm impact, the coating has no cracks, cracks or shedding.
(6) The coating has good salt spray resistance. After the 8h salt spray test, within 0.5mm of any side of the scratch, the coating has no bubbles, peeling, rust, etc.
(7) The coating has good resistance to humidity and heat. After being placed for 8 hours at (47±1)℃ and a relative humidity of 96%±2%, the coating has no bubbles within 0.5mm on any side of the scratched area. , Peeling, rust and other phenomena.

The polyethylene powder coating isolation barrier obtained by Shanding using the fluidized bed dip coating method, from the coating method, the utilization rate of the coating is high, and the material is saved; the coating efficiency of the product is high, and one production line can produce hundreds of kilometers of isolation Grid; no secondary waste such as waste gas, waste water and slag are produced in the production, and it is pollution-free; the product quality is good, the coating has good anti-corrosion performance, and the decoration of the coating is good. Genfeng users can request coatings of different colors and gloss. The appearance and feel of the product are also very good, and the service life is also very long, which can be used for ten to fifteen years. Because of the characteristics of this product and coating process, with the rapid development of highways, railways and urban construction, it has received attention from all aspects. The country has built dozens of polyethylene powder wood and polyvinyl chloride powder fluidized bed coatings. The isolation fence production line produces about 20 million meters of corrosion fence every year, consuming 7000~8000t outdoor thermal powder coatings. More than 95% of these powder coatings are low-density polyethylene (LDPE) powder coatings, and a few are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) powder coating

Polyethylene powder coatings can be manufactured by mechanical pulverization, dissolution precipitation, and emulsion polymerization. The commonly used method is mechanical pulverization. The mechanical pulverization manufacturing method is to combine polyethylene resin, feedstock, filler, plasticizer, antioxidant, Ultraviolet absorbents are pre-mixed in a high-speed mixer; then melt-extrusion is mixed with an extruder, cooled, and pelletized; then pulverized with a wind and water double-cooled thermoplastic resin pulverizer (or a frozen pulverizer); finally, it is classified (Cyclone separation), sieving (passing a 60-month sieve) to get the product, the reference formula of polyethylene powder coating.


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