The Application Of Wax Powder In Paint Scratch Resistance

2022-10-18   Pageview:353

The application of wax powder in paint scratch resistance? The largest application of wax powder is in powder coatings. The wax micropowder produced by Tianshi can improve wear resistance, anti-caking, and at the same time have matting properties in coatings, and improve flow and extrusion efficiency. The coarser wax powder is mixed with other raw materials and extruded by an extruder, and the powder processed by the ultra-fine wax powder is directly mixed. Let’s take a look at the specific application of wax powder in coatings:

wax additive

1. Texture and matting: When the coating film is cooled, the polyene wax particles are precipitated from the coating solution and migrate to the surface of the coating film, resulting in patterns and matting effects; in powder coatings, different micropowder waxes have different reductions in gloss. , you can choose micronized wax according to the gloss requirements.
2. Anti-scratch, anti-wear, anti-polishing, anti-marking: fine polyene wax exists in the form of dispersed particles and the coating surface, reducing the friction coefficient of the coating, so that when the object hits the coating surface, the sliding tendency Greater than the tendency to scratch, reduce the tendency to be polished by friction, maintain low gloss and low durability.
3. Influence on pigment dispersion: Micronized wax enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment aggregates and improves the color strength of pigments.
4. Influence on extrusion output: Micropowder wax reduces screw torque, adding 1% can increase extruder productivity by 5-25%.
5. Smoothness and texture: Polyene wax gives the coating film an excellent texture.
6. Water resistance: The wax-containing film has better water repellency.
7. Wetting of the substrate: the precipitation of wax particles from the coating film helps to release the gas adsorbed on the porous substrate.


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