Application Of Wax Powder In Powder Coating

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The application of wax powder in powder coatings, wax plays a very important role in the curing process of powder coatings. Whether it is matting or improving the performance of the coating film, the first thing we think of is to use wax to solve it, but different types of wax play different roles in powder coatings.

wax additive

The role of powder coating wax:
1. Degassing: Since there are small molecular substances on the surface of the powder-coated substrate, especially when applied to porous substrates such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc substrates, this type of wax solves the problems caused by the above substrates. coating defects such as pinholes, blisters and pits.
2. Improve leveling: Amino-modified, since it is the same type as that used in powder coatings, it has a better wetting effect when covering fillers and pigments, so the surface leveling is also improved. Improve with it.
3. Improve the smoothness of the powder: wax powder can improve the smoothness of the powder and increase the storage stability of the coating. Tianshi wax powder reminds you: when adding certain kinds of wax formula, when baking, the odor and smoke are particularly large, which is not conducive to environmental protection and safety. It is better to choose a wax that does not emit smoke. The quality of the wax used in Tianshi powder coating reliable.
4. Control the gloss: During baking, the wax will float to the surface of the coating film and form a fog, thus reducing the gloss.
5. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: The wax is distributed on the surface of the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance.
6. Anti-handprint: After adding a certain amount of post-mixing wax, this effect will be significantly improved. Because the silver flash formula is sensitive to human sweat after being used for a period of time, there will be loss of light and surface The handprint cannot be removed, etc. After adding a small amount of wax powder, etc., it will be improved.

The role of wax powder in powder coatings is increasing, which can affect the rheological properties of coatings, such as degassing, improving leveling and matting capabilities, and changing the surface state of coatings.


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