Application of powder dispersants

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METOLAT P 588 is a powder form, APEO-free wetting agent. When added to dry powder systems and dissolved in water prior to use, METOLAT P 588 accelerates the wetting of all solid particles, including sand, cement and fibers, resulting in a more uniform dry powder mixture and a more homogeneous surface condition upon drying.

In systems containing pigments, METOLAT P 588 quickly wets the pigment surface, preventing recaking and improving color strength for faster application of the pigment. In powder coatings, the use of METOLAT P 588 prevents color differences.

Main applications: caulking adhesives, self-leveling products, plasters (cement and gypsum based), gypsum, mortars, premixed pigment powders












The induction period is the stage after the paint is applied to the start of oxygen absorption. The natural antioxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E), gossypol and sesamin contained in the drying oil can hinder the oxidative polymerization of the drying oil, so that it does not change significantly at this stage. Although the phospholipids in the drying oil have no antioxidant properties, they can form complexes with the metal ions of the drier to affect their drying properties. In the refining process of dry oil, natural antioxidants can be removed and the induction period can be shortened.
The absorption of oxygen is through the addition of double bonds to form peroxides, and when peroxides decompose, active free radicals are formed:
Free radicals rapidly form high-molecular-weight polymers, such as RR, R OR, RCO OR,  montan acid wax and further polymerize to form molecules with a body structure. Dry oil gradually becomes viscous semi-solid, so that it gels and reaches surface dryness. Hard work.
In fact, the film-forming process of dry oil is very complicated, and several reactions are carried out at the same time. As the amount of oxygen absorbed increases, the rate of oxidative polymerization also increases. The oxygen content on the surface is the largest, and the hardened conjunctiva starts from the surface, and reaches hard and dry due to the gradual infiltration of oxygen. As the double bond decreases, the oxygen absorption rate gradually slows down.


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