Application of anti-mildew agent JM-651 for coating

2021-10-21   Pageview:442

JM-651 has been widely used in the production of coatings, storage of fungicidal mold, acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, ethylene butyl and other copolymers have good fungicidal mold function, and with these products in organic and inorganic components have good compatibility.












The pigment has selective adsorption of various driers, and carbon black has a greater ability to adsorb lead driers than cobalt, manganese, and calcium. Titanium dioxide can absorb more calcium driers. The adsorption capacity of anatase titanium dioxide is 2 times larger than that of rutile titanium dioxide. Whether the adsorbed drier loses its drying activity depends on the state of the adsorbed drier. If the cobalt soap is adsorbed in the Co state, it is in an inactive state, and if it is adsorbed by Co³+, it is active. If the pigment that adsorbs the drier produces flocculation or precipitation, the drying phenomenon becomes more serious. Storage temperature can also accelerate its loss of dryness. The amount of cobalt and manganese driers is small and the activity is large, eaa copolymer emulsion so its adsorption has a significant influence on the dryness, which is manifested by delayed surface drying.

Generally, the following measures can be taken to prevent the loss of drying caused by the absorption of the drier by the pigment. The surface treatment of the pigment such as titanium dioxide during the production process improves its dispersibility, and its ability to adsorb the drier is significantly reduced. It is also possible to add a metal soap that can selectively adsorb the pigments, such as zinc naphthate, calcium, etc., to reduce the adsorption of cobalt and manganese driers by the pigments. Adding an excessive amount of drier during the production of paint will sacrifice part of the drier, but the process of adsorbing the drier by the pigment is relatively slow. If it is used within a short period of time after production, it will cause the disadvantage of too much drier. A better way is to add 2% to 4% of the pigment amount of Huang Dan before grinding and grind together. When the paint is stored, the free fatty acid and it will generate metal soap, which plays a role of adjustment and compensation.


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