What is a conventional food emulsifier?

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Conventional food emulsifiers are mainly anionic and cationic surfactants. It can reduce the surface tension of monomers and water, progress in the solubility of monomers in water.















Super mattM 88 matting curing agent produced by Anhui Liuan Jietongda Chemical Co., Ltd. is an ammonium polycarboxylate without homotetracarboxylic acid.

Its matting effect is equivalent to B 68 of Huls, Germany.
It is suitable for epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings, and the film gloss pe wax china in epoxy powder coatings reaches To (60 °) 110% or less. The technical index of this matting curing agent is shown in Table 4-31, epoxy powder coating formula and film gloss is shown in Table 4-32.

Coating leveling
Light curing agent XG633 is to contain carboxyl functional group elimination in addition, the elimination curing agent produced by Ningbo Nanhai Chemical Co. and epoxy-polyester powder coatings in the coating film gloss can reach (60 °) 5% ~ 50% of the range, this curing agent and cyclamidine polycarboxylic acid organic salt matting curing agent Compared with the cyclamidine polycarboxylic acid organic salt matting curing agent, the film is not easily yellowed when baked and cured, can be used with white or light-colored matting powder coatings, film light resistance than the cyclamidine polycarboxylic acid organic salt matting Curing agent curing coating film performance. The appearance of this matting curing agent is white powder, melting range 175 ~ 185 ℃, the carboxyl equivalent of about 100g / eq, volatile fraction less than 1%, the amount in the epoxy powder coating for the epoxy resin mass of 11% ~ 13%. Curing epoxy powder coating with XG633 matting curing agent formulation and coating film performance See Table 4-33.


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