BYK DISPERBYK-164 dispersants for coatings

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DISPERBYK-164 has a similar molecular weight to DISPERBYK-163. However, it has lower polarity and higher solids content and is used in pigment concentrates and industrial coatings.














Zinc drier
Zinc drier is a drier-assisted drier, it can keep the paint film for a long time, so that the paint film can be dried more thoroughly, so in some coatings, the film has better hardness, zinc drier Used in many coatings, it can delay its surface drying. It is an excellent pigment wetting agent like lead naphthenate and calcium. Therefore, adding people in the grinding stage can improve the dispersion of the pigment and reduce its loss of drying. sex. It has been reported that zinc driers can eliminate the discoloration caused by the formation of active metal complexes, because the zinc complexes formed first are colorless.

The concentration of zinc drier is 6%, 8%, 16% and 18%, and the dosage is 0.03%~0.2%.
Iron drier
The iron drier has no obvious drying effect at room temperature, but has a strong polymerization montan wax suppliers  and drying effect at high temperature, so that the paint film has greater hardness and toughness. It is mainly used for thermosetting coatings. The iron drier is dark in color, giving the paint film a brownish-red hue, so it is used in asphalt baking paint, black amino baking paint and other dark oxidizing baking paints. It not only has high-temperature drying properties (above 110°C), but also has a dispersing and wetting effect on carbon black, and can prevent the carbon black from adsorbing cobalt and manganese driers to prevent drying. There are reports that iron driers can improve the orange peel of black paint,

Vanadium drier
The activity of vanadium drier is very high, but due to its high-priced chemical state, the storage is extremely unstable, and due to its deep color and tendency to lose dryness, its application is greatly restricted.
Bell, mixed rare earth drier

Rare earth elements are composed of 15 lanthanide elements in group IIIB of the periodic table plus, Germany. There are many empty orbitals on the 4f electron layer, which is in an unstable state, which is easy to lose electrons and accept electrons, so that rare earth elements have variable valence and coordination properties.


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