How to use ADM-TQ anti-mildew agent for paints

2021-10-22   Pageview:561

ADM-TQ paint anti-mildew agent is now widely used in various fields of anti-mildew and anti-bacterial treatment of interior and exterior decorative coatings, emulsion paints, water-based inks, color pastes, etc. ADM-TQ has good compatibility with most of the water-soluble coatings.

When using, only need to add 1%~2% (100kg paint plus 1~2kg anti-mold agent) of ADM-TQ in the paint, the paint has good anti-mold performance. It also meets the requirements of GB (limit of harmful substances in interior wall paints for indoor environmental protection decoration materials), and does not contain formaldehyde, nor formaldehyde emitters.











Dryness of pure alkyd emulsion
(1) The influence of pH value on surface dryness [65] The stability of alkyd emulsion is the same as that of water-diluted alkyd resin, and it is greatly affected by pH value. But in contrast to the water-diluted alkyd resin, when the pH of the system gradually becomes smaller (from alkaline to acidic), the surface drying time of the alkyd emulsion paint will be prolonged with the prolonged storage time, or even not dry. Studies have confirmed that as the pH value increases, the distribution of the drier in the alkyd phase increases, and the content in the water phase decreases, while the cobalt drier can only be dried in the alkyd phase. There is more distribution in the water phase. During the drying process of the coating film, it is difficult for the drier to diffuse from the water phase to the alkyd phase, thereby prolonging the drying time. In other words, increasing the pH value of the system is conducive to the surface drying of the alkyd emulsion.

(2) The effect of surfactants on dryness E60 When an anionic surfactant is used, the increase in hs code for montan wax pH will reduce the surface drying time less than that of nonionic surfactants. This may be because the anionic surfactants contain Na+ , Will be replaced by Co²+ and increase the concentration of Co+ in the water phase. As the pH value increases, Co(OH) precipitation (precipitation starts when the pH is 7.5~8.0), thus prolonging the surface dryness of the alkyd latex paint time.

(3) The effect of drier type and order of addition on dryness L67J uses emulsified cobalt drier, cobalt chloride solution and neodecanoate that are miscible in water systems, and is added before the alkyd resin is emulsified. In order to ensure the maximum possible cobalt concentration in the alkyd droplets, the alkyd emulsion has the same synthesis process and formula, the same amount of drier, and stored at 50°C to investigate the impact on the surface dryness. The results showed that the surface drying time of cobalt neodecanoate was faster, but the surface drying time increased slightly after storage at 50°C for 35 days; the emulsified cobalt basically remained dry; the surface drying time and loss of cobalt chloride were lower than expected.


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