BYK DISPERBYK-162 dispersants for coatings

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DISPERBYK-162 is mainly used in the production of wood coatings and pigment concentrates. DISPERBYK-162 has a slightly lower molecular weight and polarity than DISPERBYK-161.














Lead soap has a lubricating and dispersing effect on pigments. For lacquers with more pigments, add them before rolling to reduce their viscosity and improve their tendency to lose dryness. Lead soap has anti-corrosion effect, and it has anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties when used in lubricating oil or grease.

The color of lead soap is relatively light, generally a light yellow liquid, and it can also be used in white paint to make nearly colorless refined products.

The use concentration of lead drier is 12%~36%.

Manganese drier
Its drying characteristics are between lead and diamond soap, and its drying ability is weaker montan wax emulsion than that of cobalt driers. It has good bottom drying performance. It is generally used in conjunction with diamond and lead soap at a dosage of 0.02%~0.08%.

The use of manganese drier in thermosetting coatings can improve the toughness and hardness of the paint film. Its effect is better than that of cobalt soap, but the color is deep and easy to yellow. It is not suitable for white paint. The dosage is 0.005%~0.02 %.

Manganese driers often cause some abnormal phenomena in the coating film, such as wrinkles, frost, etc., which requires special attention; especially in the presence of lead, the defects of manganese driers are more significant, when combined with calcium driers It can improve the muddy varnish and the wrinkled skin of the varnish.
At low temperatures, the effect on dryness is small. When the surface drying requirements are not high, manganese driers can be used to replace cobalt for drying. However, manganese driers are easy to change color, especially during baking.

Although manganese drier can effectively drier the bottom, it must be used in combination with the drier.


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