BYK DISPERBYK-167 dispersants for coatings

2021-09-27   Pageview:543

DISPERBYK-167 is an aromatic-free variety of DISPERBYK-163. Its application properties are similar to DISPERBYK-163.














The rare earth mixed drier is a mixture of bell, lanthanum, pin, and carboxylic acid soap. Its main component is bell carboxylic acid soap, and its drying characteristics are the same as those of needle driers. The carboxylic acid soaps of lanthanum, pin, and yttrium have no obvious drying effect. Therefore, the control of the components and content in the rare earth mixed drier is extremely important.

Rare earth and cerium driers have both surface drying and bottom drying properties, montan wax price and have coordination properties, which can promote the hard drying of alkyd resins and other coatings. Rare earth and cerium driers can replace lead, manganese, zinc, calcium, etc. A drier, and its activity is higher than that of lead and zirconium, and its dosage is only equivalent to 40% to 80% of the total amount of driers such as lead, manganese, zinc, calcium, etc., which can reduce the cost of coatings and dry at low temperatures and high humidity. Among the paints, rare earth and cerium driers are particularly effective. Rare earth and cerium driers are used in baking paints. They have the high temperature drier properties of iron driers, which can increase the degree of crosslinking of the paint film and increase the hardness and toughness, and can improve the gloss and gloss retention, but it is easy to make the paint The film turns yellow and should not be used in light-colored paints. Cerium and rare earths are often used in coatings that can accept minor discoloration.

Used in oil-based paints, alkyd resin paints and epoxy ester paints when mixed with cobalt driers. Rare earth and cerium have the following advantages: ①It can completely replace lead, manganese, zinc, calcium and other driers. One mixed drier is simplified into two mixed drier systems, which is conducive to production management and control; ②The amount can be reduced by 30%~50% (calculated by metal content) according to the traditional drier, and the cost of paint can be reduced; ③It can improve the bottom dryness, thereby improving paint film adhesion, water resistance and gasoline resistance; ①It is lead-free and can be used in toy paint and other lead-free paints.


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