3 Roles for Aqueous Wax Emulsion

2021-04-29   Pageview:898

Wax emulsion is a multi-phase system of emulsion of natural wax and synthetic wax and other materials dispersed in water by the action of emulsifier. The nano-level wax emulsion produced by tianshiwax is easy to use, uniform particle size, good luster, good anti-scuffing and wear resistance.

The role of aqueous wax emulsion
1, for leather. Low melting point wax can give the leather surface wax sense, moderate closed grain surface residue, and improve the skin stacking sex, prevent ironing or embossing when the sticky board.

The wax emulsion with higher melting point can give high gloss, polishable, excellent transparency, and can be used for aniline finishing.

2, die-casting release agent. The aqueous wax emulsion produced by tianshiwax can replace part of the mold release agents, which can be used in the metal die-casting industry to play the effect of mold release and lubrication, shorten the mold release cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce the waste in the production process, reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly.

3, for textile. Wax emulsion has an indispensable and important role in improving the quality and added value of textile products. It can give textiles various special functions and styles, such as soft, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-static, flame retardant, etc. Wax emulsions also improve the dyeing and finishing process, play a role in saving energy and reducing processing costs.


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