What is the use of waterproof elastic emulsion?

2021-10-05   Pageview:420

Waterproof elastic emulsion is a soft, self-cross-linking acrylic emulsion with good compatibility with cement and material powder, and has excellent low-temperature performance, elongation, tensile strength and toughness.














Silicone-containing defoamer products have the most durability of defoaming ability. It is beneficial to the entire manufacturing process, product storage, high-shear flow or roll coating defoaming, and it has almost the color development of pigments. There is no adverse effect, at least less than most non-silicone products.
Requirements for defoamers for water-based glossy coatings: ①Strong defoaming ability; ②High refractive index: ③Stable dispersion in the coating system without hindering gloss. For example: adding polyethylene wax, aromatic compounds, modified silicone resins, organic amines and other substances as defoaming agents is very effective, the addition amount is usually 0.1% to 2.0% of the material mass.

The use of various additives in the coating will affect the type and amount of defoamer used in the coating. Other additives with strong solubility tend to dissolve the defoamer. After a period of time, the defoamer may become invalid. . Therefore, care should be taken to select and minimize the use of dispersing agents, wetting agents and leveling agents. However, if you choose it properly, it will reduce the pressure of the defoamer, so that you can get a smoother and smoother coating.

The elastic latex paint developed to solve the problem of concrete micro-cracking has a very high viscosity, so the diffusion of the defoamer and the movement of bubbles are difficult, and the foam film formed is also thick and highly elastic. Therefore, the defoamer used in this type of coating system requires a modified organosilicon compound with extremely low surface tension, excellent dispersibility and excellent dispersibility. However, improper use can easily cause shrinkage.


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