Paint anti-sagging agent introduction (1)

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This product has excellent suspension anti-sinking, anti-sagging role, especially in the application of latex paint additives, not only anti-sinking and anti-sagging, concave bar molecules in a rod-like structure, uniform coating, good leveling of the paint surface;.

Large specific surface area (300-600) and adsorption, paint surface does not shrink, uniform color and luster; silicate minerals, high temperature resistance, porous molecular structure, water absorption, high temperature slow drainage, good water resistance and weatherability.













Polyol ester antistatic agent
Polyhydric alcohol ester antistatic agents are mostly polyhydric alcohol monofatty acid compounds, which are the esterification products of polyhydric alcohols and higher fatty acids. Its important varieties include stearic acid monoglyceride (GMS), sorbitan monofatty acid ester (Span Series), etc., its main characteristics are good thermal stability, migration resistance, no blooming, long-lasting antistatic effect, and good antistatic performance when used with ionic antistatic agents.

Stearic acid monoglyceride (GMS) has a long carbon chain fatty group and has good compatibility with polymers. The two hydroxyl groups that have not been esterified have higher polarity, ft wax emulsion which can give the polymer good antistatic properties.

The chemical structure of stearic acid monoglyceride is as follows:
It is obtained by esterifying 1 mol of stearic acid and 1 mol of glycerin under the action of a catalyst (such as sulfuric acid, Lewis acid, etc.).

In fact, in the general synthesis process, the direct esterification product is a compound composed of monoester, diester and triester. The content of monoester is usually between 40% and 60%. The content is directly related. To obtain products with high monoester content, molecular distillation technology is usually used.
Sorbitan mono-fatty acid ester sorbitol is a hexahydric alcohol compound, which often undergoes intramolecular dehydration during esterification, resulting in several different forms of products with a cyclic ether structure. This type of product is customarily called sorbitan fatty acid ester (Span series). It is generally believed that sorbitol fatty acid esters have the following general structural formulas:

5-Sorbitan mono-fatty acid ester 1.4-Sorbitan mono-fatty acid esterSorbitan mono-fatty acid ester antistatic agents generally include sorbitan monolaurate (Span 20), sorbitol anhydride Monopalmitate (Span 40), sorbitan monostearate (Span 60) and sorbitan monooleate (Sap n 80), etc.


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