The role of stearate in coatings

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In coatings, stearate is mainly used as a drying agent, but also used as a consistency adjuster, light reducing agent, suspending agent, abrasive, foam reducing agent, adhesive and anti-sedimentation agent. In addition, stearates are commonly used in some anti-corrosion coatings and in a coating with a ceramic surface glaze type coating.













Zinc oxide whisker has unique properties. Its structure is three-dimensional four needles, ptfe powder price and each needle is a single crystal microfiber. It also has the tip nano effect, semiconductor, piezoelectric, pressure-sensitive characteristics, ultra-high strength, does not change before 1400 ℃, high dielectric constant, antibacterial, anti-algae, and catalytic properties. Zinc oxide whisker is a needle-shaped single crystal material with a diameter of a few tenths to a few microns and a length of several microns to hundreds of microns. Its atomic arrangement in a single crystal is very neat, and there are almost no defects in polycrystalline materials.

Zinc oxide whisker is a semiconductor material with an adjustable conductivity of 10%. When it is dispersed in the coating for 10 years, its four-needle microstructure at 10°C can form a highly efficient conductive net.
Network channel, so that the 10-year rate of the surface resistance of the coating is significantly reduced. The influence of the amount of zinc oxide whisker on the surface resistivity of the coating 5520-253035.

Mass fraction of zinc oxide
When zinc oxide whisker is used as an antistatic zinc oxide product, a coupling agent suitable for the surface resistivity of the coating should be added to the surface treatment, which can improve its dispersibility in the organic resin and increase The affinity to organic resins inhibits the nano-photocatalytic effect, thereby stabilizing the surface resistance of the coating and maintaining long-term antistatic properties.

Titanium dioxide
Titanium dioxide is generally used as a white pigment in industrial fields such as papermaking, plastics, and enamel. When conductive titanium dioxide is used in coatings, it can be used to prepare antistatic coatings, which have stable conductivity and a certain hiding power. When the ratio of acicular titanium dioxide to the base material is 0.42~0.68, it can meet the antistatic requirements. It should be noted that in the paint production process, the dispersion time and rotation speed must be mastered, so that the pigments are in contact with each other, fully mixed, and do not damage the structure of the titanium dioxide, so that static electricity can be conducted. The antistatic coating prepared with titanium dioxide has good oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and physical and chemical properties, and can be made into a white antistatic coating.


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