30,000-ton polyethylene wax production base of Tianshi Group’s Yangzhou factory was completed

2022-06-12   Pageview:690

The 2020 “China International Coatings Exhibition CHINACOAT” will be held in Area A of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from December 8th to 10th. Tianshi Group, as the main co-organizer, will show up at (Booth No. 2.1D07) the latest wax additives and antibacterial solutions for coatings.

Tianshi Group has built 3 factories in 10 years. In 2020, Yangzhou Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a 30,000-ton polyethylene wax production base, was officially put into operation, covering an area of ​​85 acres.

At present, the first phase project of the factory includes 30,000 tons of polyethylene wax and 6,000 tons of oxidized wax production equipment. In the future, the second phase will expand the production of 16,000 tons of wax emulsion and oxidized wax. The designed capacity is 80,000 tons of powder spray tower and steel With molding workshop.

As the earliest domestic company to conduct refined PE wax rectification, Nanjing tianshi wax put into operation the first unit in Nanjing in 2009. In 2014, it invested 10 million to build a 5,000-ton PE wax rectification unit. In 2016, it settled in Yangzhou Chemical Park and planned A new factory with an annual output of 80,000 tons of wax.

The Yangzhou Tianshi refining plant is designed with three frameworks, which will achieve an annual output of 80,000 to 100,000 tons of polyethylene wax after all are completed. The currently built device is specially designed for the production of high-hardness waxes used in the coating and ink industry. The product has a narrow molecular weight distribution, high hardness, and no smoke at all in the application of powder coatings. The anti-skid and wear-resistant properties of the product are very good. Only 0.3% of the additive is needed to meet the wear-resistant requirements of customers, and the effect on the gloss of the coating is also very small.

Yangzhou Tianshi packaging workshop has planned 4 sets of automatic packaging machines, each set can pack up to 8 tons per hour, and imported weighing equipment is selected at the same time, the weighing accuracy and accuracy are 0.1kg, and the cleanliness of the product is guaranteed Avoid human interference; in addition, it is equipped with a palletizing machine from ABB to ensure product quality.

The quality inspection center has established test items for melting point, hardness, viscosity, volatile matter and oil content to solve the problem of wax smoke that powder coating manufacturers are concerned about. The oil content of Tianshi refined wax is less than 0.1% and volatile matter is less than 0.5%, fully guaranteed The product does not emit smoke, has high gloss, and the wax hardness and penetration are both below 1. Only 0.3% needs to be added, and it has very good wear resistance and scratch resistance.

Yangzhou Tianshi Factory demonstrated the whole industry chain layout and strong strength of Tianshi Group in the field of wax additives. In the future, Tianshi Group will rely on its strong product research and development capabilities and the advantages of coordinated development of upstream and downstream to provide professional technical support and product customization services for coating companies.


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