What Is The Effect Of LDPE Wax On Color Masterbatch

2023-08-03   Pageview:196

What is the effect of low molecular weight polyvinyl wax on color particles? Color particles have relatively high requirements for dispersion and coloration in production, and high-quality polyvinyl wax is usually used as a dispersant or carrier.

(1) Heat resistance. Since the molding and processing temperature of PP is generally 220~260°C, and the film-forming temperature of the current casting film particles is even as high as 300°C, low molecular weight polyethylene wax is required Excellent heat resistance. Generally, the thermal weight loss of imported low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax at 300°C does not exceed 5%, and domestic relatively high-quality low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax can also meet this standard. However, adding other dispersants such as wax or HDPE by-products has poor heat resistance and will affect the quality of toner particles.
(2) Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Generally, the molecular weight of low molecular weight polyethylene is selected between 2000 and 5000. Distribution: The molecular weight of imported low-molecular-weight polyethylene is about 5 or less, while the domestic production process adopts cracking method, and its molecular weight distribution is usually about 10.
(3) Ash content. Color grains for fibers are one of the most important indicators.
(4) Odor. Because pigments are often used in products such as food packaging, this must be considered when using polyvinyl waxes.

Low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax(LDPE WAX) not only has good compatibility and fluidity in the production of pigment particles, but also has moderate viscosity, increases shear force, improves dispersibility, and has excellent pigment wetting and dispersing properties. It has a good wetting and dispersing effect on PE and PP pigments with high pigment content, and is widely used as a dispersant (diffusion powder) for general pigments and blown film pellets to improve the coloring power of pigments.


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