Physical index of dry film anti-mildew agent TIO-20

2021-10-20   Pageview:361

Appearance: Slight yellow-brown liquid
Active ingredient: 50%
Relative density: 1.020-1-1.100g/ml
PH value: 2.0-5.0












Compared with polyacrylate leveling agents, fluorine-modified polyacrylates show better properties due to the fluorine element with very low surface tension in the molecular chain of acrylate, besides providing excellent leveling properties , It can also greatly reduce the surface tension of various coatings, improve the wettability and anti-crater ability of the substrate, and does not affect the recoatability and interlayer adhesion. It is a very effective non-silicone anti- Shrinkage, leveling agent. The use of this kind of anti-cratering and leveling agent also needs to choose the appropriate amount for different coating systems.

In addition to polyacrylate leveling agents, cellulose acetate butyrate is also a linear resin leveling agent with limited miscibility. Its miscibility and leveling properties with coatings are determined by molecular weight and butyryl content. The higher the butyryl content, the better the leveling effect. Butyryl content of 35% can be used as a leveling agent for polyurethane coatings; butyryl content of 55% can be used as a leveling agent for epoxy powder coatings.
Some typical polyacrylate anti-cratering and leveling agents.

Solvent type leveling agent
This type is a leveling agent with a high boiling point solvent as the main component. Using a mixed solvent composed of high-boiling aromatic hydrocarbons or esters, ketones, alcohol ethers, ether esters and other solvents, the volatilization speed of the solvent and the solubility of the resin can be adjusted, so that the coating film has a Relatively balanced volatilization speed and dissolving power, prevent the bad leveling caused by carnauba wax for cars the solvent volatilization too fast and the viscosity is too large to hinder the flow of the wet film, and prevent the poor solubility of the base material caused by the solvent volatilization too fast , The phenomenon of shrinkage caused by precipitation; in baking paint, it can also prevent the generation of bubbles and pinholes; in nitrocellulose paint, it can prevent the vapor caused by too fast solvent volatilization and excessive air humidity on the surface of the coating film The blushing phenomenon of condensation. However, since this type of leveling agent slows down the volatilization speed of the solvent and prolongs the surface drying time of the coating film, it is not good for preventing sagging. Therefore, the amount of solvent-based leveling agent should not be too much, generally not more than 5% of the total amount of the coating, to adjust the leveling and anti-sagging properties to achieve the best balance. Some typical solvent-based anti-cratering and leveling agents are listed.


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