How to add wax powder to the ink

2021-08-03   Pageview:389

Polyethylene wax is often divided into high-density polyethylene synthetic wax and low-density polyethylene synthetic wax according to density, or divided into cracking method and synthetic method according to production process, etc. The use performance and processing performance are relatively different.

Synthetic chemical properties are stable, smooth to the touch, good abrasion resistance and high hardness. Different addition methods can give the system different gloss changes. Therefore, micronized wax powder is widely used as dispersant, anti-wear agent, brightening agent, matting agent and slip agent in ink and coating industries.

 Wax powder in the ink will be added in the following ways

1, Make micro powder of suitable particle size and add it directly to the ink.

2, Disperse in aqueous system to make wax dispersion or wax emulsion for application in water-based system.

3, Disperse in organic solution to make wax paste, which is used in solvent system.

In recent years, water-based inks have been developing rapidly due to environmental requirements. As an important auxiliary of water-based ink, the performance of wax emulsion is also increasingly demanding. Due to the high softening point of synthetic wax, non-polar, difficult to emulsify and other properties, coupled with the ink, coating industry on the wax emulsion particle size, the amount of emulsifier requirements, high melting point (wax melting point higher than 120 degrees), ultra-fine particle size (≤ 100nm) of polyethylene wax emulsion development has been the technical difficulties of the domestic ink, coating industry, and large foreign companies, both in production technology and application technology, have a greater leading advantage.


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