How to operate to get rid of mold and mildew?

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1. Wear gloves and mask, use a brush to clean the mold on the surface of the wall.
2. Dip a brush into a small amount of anti-mold and anti-bacterial agent at a time and brush it evenly on the wall surface. Or use a spray bottle to spray anti-mold anti-bacterial agent evenly on the surface of the wall.
3. After drying, you can have a lasting anti-mold effect.













The effect of pore volume of aerogel matting agent on the gloss of coating film
Under the same other conditions, the pore volume is large and the extinction performance is good.
Addition of extinction penalty
Influence of the pore volume of aerogel-type matting agent on the matting performance of white polyester coatings
The two curves represent two matting agents with the same particle size but different pore volumes. In coatings, as the amount of matting agent added increases, the gloss of the coating film decreases. But C807 is always stronger than CompA in extinction, because the pore volume of C 807 is 2.0mL/g, while CompA is 1.8rnL/g,
Influence of oil absorption of precipitation type matting agent on gloss of coating film

Degussa’s Nargi ello believes that an appropriately high oil absorption value can wax emulsion hs code make the matting agent particles absorb more resin, and when the solvent evaporates, it is easier to float to the surface of the coating film, increasing the surface matting particles and reducing the gloss of the coating 11. Although this understanding has not been confirmed, the influence of oil absorption on the matting performance of precipitated silica has been observed in recent years. The influence of average particle size and particle size distribution on the gloss of the coating film has been observed.

There are many methods for measuring the average particle size, and they are not comparable to each other. For example, in the Syl oid series matting agent index published by Grace, the average particle size gives two sets of data: laser method (Malvern) and resistance method (Culter); Degussa’s HK and OK series, the two sets of average particle size data are Resistance method (Culter) and electron microscope method (SEM). The two sets of data are incomparable. The average particle size can only be compared with the same method. The effect of the average particle size is the same for the three synthetic silica matting agents. The ones with large average particle size and narrow particle size distribution have good matting effect. The influence of the average particle size of the aerogel matting agent is shown in Figure 12-11, and the influence of the average particle size of the precipitated fumed silica matting agent is shown.


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