464 dry film anti-mildew agent

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464 is a high-efficiency, broad-spectrum water-based mold inhibitor, can effectively kill mold, fungi and algae, water-based interior and exterior wall coatings, adhesives have good protection, but also can be used for wood, leather, textile, paper mold use.













Examples of products
The antifungal agents in this category include: Skane M-8, Myc avoid FC, ActicideOTW, pp wax application Huake-108, YC-888, SD-888 and so on. 3. 3-iodo prop argyl-N-butyl car-ba mate (IP
BC) It is an environmentally friendly antifungal agent, and its structural formula is:
QICmC-CH: O-C-NH-CH, this is the only linear antifungal agent used in the coating industry. 1. Physical and chemical properties
The solubility in water, propylene glycol and ethylene glycol is 0.015%, 10% and 5%, respectively.
The lowest inhibitory concentration MIC of IP BC.
Advantages: Balanced and efficient anti-mildew ability, good pH stability. 4. Disadvantages: The water solubility is relatively large, the solubility in water is
190mg/kg[10], the price is very expensive, it may cause discoloration and toxicity
Rat acute oral LD.6=300~500mg/kg, rat acute dermal LDro>2000mg/kg.
6. Examples of products
The antifungal agents in this category are: Troy san Polyphase AFl, Troy san Pol-y phase AF 3, Myc avoid M 820, Myc avoid M 830, Myc avoid M 840, Om acid eIP BC 30, Om
acid eIP BC 40, Om acid eIP BC 100, Preven-to lT POC 3081, Nip acid eIP BC, Act i cide IPW 50, Fungi trol 740 (zero VOC, no odor), etc.


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